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16.02.2017 Rock

You suck at explaining things to people who aren t as experienced as you.

15.02.2017 Erik Pearson

Why is everything in this game limited by rng? There needs to be some some guarantees in this game.

12.02.2017 Shaun Milfler

Did he say diablo features new. . . . ? ? ? Wut?

11.02.2017 krzysiu.net

Thanks! I was trying to find info about bonus for doing the objective of the map. Found it here. Greetz

10.02.2017 skeletalphrame

What is the build that the marauder is using in this video?

08.02.2017 The Crow

Hold one, how do i get the map to play the dlc? Lol

05.02.2017 Ben Garrison

Lol still have no idea what it does, not your fault either it s just very confusing

03.02.2017 Brian Ty Kelley

Hey ziggyd thanx for all the great content. I m new ish to poe and want to know when i should start using my chisels. I ve done most of the tier maps and have chisels stocked up. Cheers.

31.01.2017 Peter Smith

Ziggyd, what build is that jumping around and blowing everything up at the start of the video lol?

28.01.2017 omastar444

Thank you for this video. I just got to maps and was trying to read the wiki on the atlas and was so confused. This video helps out greatly. Thanks man.

26.01.2017 deathbyhandz

Um. . . How do i open the atlas map

24.01.2017 TheYabuk

I just wanna punch this fag in his face stupid fucking cunt go drink bleach g day. . . .

22.01.2017 La4edimension

I just got into maps. . . I just got one big word for it headache!

21.01.2017 Ryan Melanson

And then i found it.

18.01.2017 chris bobobo

Fucking game there just to much to no and tbh i just cba with it

16.01.2017 Taufiq Othman

This is quite a long process before you can fight the shaper.

14.01.2017 p0ker n00b

So yeah i just watched the entire video i have a question so what again is the end game map system? P

12.01.2017 Brett Pierce

Very helpful as always, thank you!

10.01.2017 Bailey

This is awesome. . . I didn t realise there was so much to poe. . . . Can t wait to get to end game!

08.01.2017 Shinov Wakamane

Hello zigeed here its remember me other channel xd

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