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14.02.2017 Extra Bass

Does it still work? ? ? ?

12.02.2017 haseeb shafqat

Simply wow. . . Brother u saved my pc thanks alot may u always be blessed thanks once more

11.02.2017 doctor dell PC

Life time avg tuneup product key cmaez xkjk mk d acodl beejo n e new adition

10.02.2017 iTsApoKalipZz


09.02.2017 Painkiller CZ

Is it really free or i must pay. . . ?

07.02.2017 Lineit Rex

For all who want avg pc tuneup without zen http www. Avg. Com ww en download. Prd tuh

05.02.2017 Егор Леккоев

Спасибо помог этот cmzmp vvz mr qmcuw zmvuh dppbp огромное спасибо! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

02.02.2017 MakeMeDinner

Antivirus? More like virus! After installing this trash on my pc it slowed down to a crawl! Had to format my pc cause unistalling it didnt fix it! Better of using malwarebytes or anything else really. Pc specs windows . I gb ram gtx

31.01.2017 Rizwan Abid

Fuck off ur vedio

29.01.2017 Rizwan Abid

Downloading software to batio bc. . .

26.01.2017 golden warriors

Not working

25.01.2017 Rahul Handique

Help me bro. . . I tried every key given. . But not even one is working. . . . . Plz plz

24.01.2017 veer singh

If any one need any protection or need to anti free your desktop or laptop. Just dial our customer care helpline number

21.01.2017 michael tring

Shiiit! All what we need is defender and adware cleaner! I had an expensiv antivir, but virus was not found! So i downloaded adware cleaner for free and now its just great!

20.01.2017 Robina Shaheen


17.01.2017 Paalo Zurdo

Avg stand for argumentive very greedy. . . Recently june i paid for days of avg products and within days avg uk felt the need to gouge me for . Also trying to bounce a check when trying to take additional funds from my account, without my knowledge or permission. I think avg uk billing dept is the real north korean malware holding people s money. Do not contact avg. . . Fraud artists. . . . Scientologists of the security software world. . .

15.01.2017 James James

Dumont jeanmolise

13.01.2017 DCgamer

How do i add the serial key? I seriously can t find the option anywhere!

11.01.2017 katy johnson

Call helpline number for any technical help and support and get easy solutions and instant help. For any avg antivirus installation issues or problems, call toll free number .

09.01.2017 bambi69165

Avg antyvirus is fatal! ! ! Slows down the internet, crashes you tube. Installs malware. Thank you.

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