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24.02.2017 SarroTV

Do u have a tnki online accnt

23.02.2017 Mudkip Awesomeness

Nice dude. You added some more tanks into it. Cool.

20.02.2017 THeTAnk

Coooool maan amazing big like broooo! !

18.02.2017 Aleko Pictures


15.02.2017 Dealga

Wow awsome! Shorten this video to secs and send it to tanki. . . I bet this will be the video of the week

14.02.2017 Dealga

And pls make a video on how did u make those tanks

12.02.2017 Tyn10 Lego

Thank you very much for the likes!

09.02.2017 Louie The Boss

Yo dude thats so cool i love tanki!

06.02.2017 golden freddy


03.02.2017 Chirag Patel

Nice but just one thing the hornet looked like titan or hunter

01.02.2017 DIMONSTER


30.01.2017 Aidan Donofry

Hey hope i can copy of your tan a little i will give you a shout out on my channel and send it in for v log, thanks firstorderz

28.01.2017 Кот Убийца

Ты англичанен

26.01.2017 Tanker Prince

Awesome man in d

24.01.2017 mr.super dragon play

Класс и риалтттична

23.01.2017 Samuele Canale

Well made man

21.01.2017 Antigone Peristera

This is the best toy tanki video!

19.01.2017 Lucario_ 360

Hello tyn lego this is lucario . I have saw lots of your videos and i want to thank you for watching my tanki online video. I am making another stop motion video, not tanki online but one tanki online tank will be included. But the stop motion is world of tanks. And i was wondering if i can make a stop motion movie that includes. . . You! In the movie i am making.

17.01.2017 Lucario_ 360

So i want you to send a picture of a lego micro tank you wanted to be in the movie.

15.01.2017 Lucario_ 360

If you wanted me to make a movie that includes you, then text me back yes or no. Ok bye!

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