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23.02.2017 mato kuroi

Min hahaha the guy fallsxdddd samara looks real how in the movie. . . So coooool! ! ! ! ! !

19.02.2017 Dany Balderramos

Minute got me dead

17.02.2017 London Trend

Her name is samara and she ask you to play a game and if she loses she killed you

15.02.2017 Evil Monkey


12.02.2017 Hannah Elhuseny

I am gonna make this at halloween party and i am gonna scare my sister and when she says sorry god for annoying my sister i will stop the prank but if she didn t said that i am gonna make her life a horror move hhhhhhhhh

10.02.2017 Anouar Ess

Ring is coming back or is ring finally going to be released?

09.02.2017 Turco Vincenso

Hehe black folk aint playing that shit.

07.02.2017 Salkkarit ; Secret Lives Outfits

I ate candy and enjoyed this

05.02.2017 Miles Tails Prower

I would stand around and say i want that tv, the one thats so real she can actually grab your arm!

02.02.2017 THE KING

Shes jumpscared

31.01.2017 paul mainwaring

Wow a fart

28.01.2017 Jaky Mo

Why did theyblurred the on her t shirt? ? ?


Nejvt prank v historii! Neslep co jsem vidl!

24.01.2017 s3dchr

As someone who s been playing horror games since , i d just be like oh this one s. . . Way hotter than the oth how much? I m taking this one.

22.01.2017 Carla Ruiz


21.01.2017 Carla Ruiz


20.01.2017 Frisk The Human

I remember this ghost girl, is it the ring

17.01.2017 Corey Randle


15.01.2017 Jazz The Dark Human Fox


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