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12.02.2017 Tom Epp

The pull out thing on the diaper bag is a changing mat

10.02.2017 TheDoubler55

That was a changing mat for the baby when your out and about

08.02.2017 Joe Garner

I m guessing the bag inside the bag is for the dirty diaper

06.02.2017 Liam Watson

I definitely like the random unrelated to sneaker unboxings!

03.02.2017 MarkJeffery Jean-Louis

Can u get me a pair

01.02.2017 Sriracha Boy

I think the sport blue and white infrared is the worst cw of the . The black, carmine and maroon are the dopest.

31.01.2017 Devon Walker

It s a mat incase you got to change the baby on a dirty service

29.01.2017 Rico Villanueva

The thing you unfolded in the diaper bag is a mat you lay on a counter top or in a public restroom and you lay your baby on it so you can change their diaper on a clean surface i believe it is connected to the bag like that so the diaper bag hangs at the botten, easy access to get your stuff. . Congratulations on your first child!

27.01.2017 Mike Sodano

I looked at them in person. The quality is terrible. Creases already on the midsoles and sole separation where the milky sole meets the heel. No thanks especially for . Noticed it on dj delz pair as well.

26.01.2017 Fernando Nunez

Look i m sorry but what if the baby aint yours

24.01.2017 bigvance84

Congrats on your bundle of joy man! ! ! ! !

21.01.2017 Umair Akmal

Could anyone please tell me what og means?

20.01.2017 yummdiddy

Why are those . Whats the difference

18.01.2017 daniel olivares

They sold out here in southern california. Maybe its a weather thing. I got a pair becuase they have jever been retro d and of course for tue nike air. Dope shoe in my opinion. Congrats on the baby btw

17.01.2017 My Dokkan Journey

Amazing color way

15.01.2017 Ruben Casarez

How comfortable are these

12.01.2017 Lil Savage

Non sneaker heads claim that the nike on the back is fake

10.01.2017 Js LacedUp

It looks to be a changing pad to lay the baby on when changing there diaper. .

08.01.2017 yoslimeo

Hi hes kicks i wear , on my vans etc, what is the fit on this?

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