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14.02.2017 Rainah Palmer

I legot searched up mamamoo mamamoo to find this song bc the only part i heard was the chorus

12.02.2017 율하


10.02.2017 tired and trashed

Ahhh myoonbyul slays me

09.02.2017 Markie Pooh

The only kpop girl group i stan

06.02.2017 Jada Coleman

Not a mamamoo stan, but i love this

02.02.2017 Emily Lim

Hwasa is beating everyone she s badass i love her

31.01.2017 RndyDX

, chu mean

29.01.2017 Elexus Toum

Wow mamamoo melting b track reached million! ! !

24.01.2017 Jeon Jungsh00k__

The way they say mamamoo is so cute uwahh

21.01.2017 우유! 딸기

! ! ! ! ! ! !

20.01.2017 나주엽


17.01.2017 Laryssa Sena

Half of these views are mine lol

16.01.2017 Basic Bleach

The plot twist at

13.01.2017 heycookielolz :-]

On google it said moonstar is cm, solar is cm and hwasa and wheein is cm they lied

11.01.2017 sage blur

I m honestly love this so much

09.01.2017 Yelahna95rofl

Solar reminds of emilia clarke

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